Joanna Catherine Scott


A Vietnam Veteran's Association Book-of-the-Month

First published as Charlie and the Children

An American GI fathers a son in Vietnam and is captured by the Viet Cong

“Although a number of fine Vietnam war books have been published, Charlie is unique in its concern and its surpassing quality.” —Rare Hollywood

“Unlike other authors with no military background who attempt to write about war, Scott is believable . . . a prodigious feat, and a reflection of her enormous talent.” —VVA Veteran

"A poetic but brilliantly clear style . . . a beautiful story with a gentleness and compassion all its own." —Kirkus Reviews

“The soldier talk and military faceoffs are only too real.” —Baltimore Sun 

"Charlie is a page-turner. I read the entire book in one sitting, couldn't put it down ... wonderful writing, incredible pace." —Eileen Malone, President, PEN/Nob Hill

“Individual responsibility is the central theme.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“Powerful descriptions of pain and injury and suffering . . . Scott is especially good at describing odors . . . a strong novel, very strong.” —Star Democrat

“Scenes that leap from the page. This book ranks with William Manchester’s Goodbye Darkness.” —Poetry Australia

“Scott is an exceptional writer . . . this novel deserves the attention of the reading world. The prose is nearly flawless, clear and lyrical, mythic in some way . . . and believable at the same time. It is a moving experience to find such fine writing about such a complex subject.”  —Calyx Books

“Riveting, a heart stopper, yet more than just another story about war. In taking on the issue of the children soldiers leave behind, Charlie transforms itself into a fable for our time. I was surprised to find myself in tears." —Lieutenant General Lavern E. Weber, Chief, National Guard Bureau 

Joanna Catherine Scott



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